One of the most rare species in TF2, the Yeteavy has only a few of its kind remaining. They have been sighted at cold

areas, but have not been confirmed. Everytime a Yeteavy is spotted, Medisheep disappear. We can confirm that the creature takes the Medisheep to his lair where he eats them. Their most recent apparent sightings have been in cold pine-forest areas such as Viaduct, Coldfront, and Sawmill.

Danger LevelEdit

The Yeteavy, unlike most TF2-nimals is extremely dangerous. We may have not gotten any pictures, but we can be sure, the Yeteavy doesn't want to be found out by the general public. Although it is very dangerous, if you encounter it, it's population is decreasing by thousands because of water pollution and large Medisheep hunts.

Required ItemsEdit

Warrior's Spirit

K-9 Mane(preferably painted white)

Buffalo Steak Sandvich



Himalayan Hair Shirt

Abominable Snow Pants


While on hunt, the Yeteavy seems to perform hit-and-run tactics. Most of the time sucessful, but sometimes the alpha of a pack of Medisheeps may fight back

It's mating season spans from September to early December,while there is still plenty of time for the necessary hunt.

For some reason, the Yeteavy seems to be friendly with the local Pootisbears. It is possible that they share special connections, similar to the Pyroshark and the Sewer Medic.


TF2nimals Search for the Yeteavy

TF2nimals Search for the Yeteavy

0rockstar0 trying to find the Yeteavy again.

TF2nimals Yeteavy

TF2nimals Yeteavy

Rare footage of the Yeteavy