Warning, this tf2nimal is one of the most dangerous and most intelligent yet, do not under any cicumstances approach it unless you want to be infected with Medica lamia. If infected you will go under a vampire psychosis  when even under supervision of food, you will have a craving for blood until you ultimately become half human and half vampedic


The Vampedic (Lamia Pugnamedicus) is a vampiric (Hence the name) tf2nimal that can be violent in pure blood states, such as the one I encountered, or unnaturally calm in basic form. They are usually seen with a cross around the neck area along with a large top hat that has dark colored shades beneath the brim. They also have fangs that, when bitten, feel like 2 large wasps stung one of the most vulnearble places in your body (Aka the neck).


The Vampedic drains its prey nearly dry using its fangs, and in some cases, it bites it's arm and lets it's own blood drip into the wound that it made. They also seem to use the Adrenaline of the blood it has sucked into it's body and uses it to gain speed boosts and heal it's wounds faster.

Little is known about this tf2nimal, if encountered on the server, tell Giovanni (Pycotich) immediately.


Das Blutliebhaber

Vicar's vestments


Quick Fix

Uber Saw