The Sknightper is a hostile creature discovered by Darkly l Aperture Ham in it's habitat, Mario Kart. The Sknightper is a demonic creature, that never reveals it's face. As far as we know the creature doesn't possess any gender or age, approaching it can be dangerous and a risky task. it possesses a coal



-black horned helmet with designs that resembles a slightly modified knight helmet, an old artifact that protected knights back then from major injurys like sword bashes and arrows. Do not approach without proper supervision and self-defense. It carries a lantern that burns with an everlasting candle, experiments show that the element isn't made up of anything in the periodic table of elements. Further research will be carried out by: Dr.---- --------.


The Sknightper as mentioned, lives in darkness and murderous thoughts in it's private golden room. Although the color doesn't suit it's personality in any way, it's attracted by it's trait of greed

Thm 135306a

Mario Kart

to the color because of a common connection of money to gold made by many humans and intellectual animals. An unknown magic is filled in the room where it ponders, making any living organism scared or insane upon contact with the mystical substance. Further research will be carried out by: --------- -----------. 


The Sknightper tends to stay hidden in darkness, avoiding contact and sight with explorers willing to tread it's land. As the inhabitants of Mario Kart are bright and positive, this creature loves to scare them or create a creepy environment at certain periods in which containment members of our organization try to contain the darkness, as it spreads to infinity. Further research will be carried out by: ------------ -----


To be a Sknightper, you must wear the following:

- The Dark Helm

- Darwin's Danger Shield

- The Beacon From Beyond

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