Screamin' Eagle

a Screamin' Eagle swooping on it's prey, talons and beak ready.

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Screamin' EagleEdit

It seems some of the wildlife have been observing humans and adopting their skills for hunting. Somehow this species has learned how to defacate a sort of non-lethal explosive that detonates on contact with the ground and swoop down on their prey, but at a much steeper angle than usual. From there they use their razor sharp claws and strong beaksto crush the prey's skull instantly killing it. For some reason its main source of food is other of its species! Little is known to what has caused theese strange adaptations, but its bound to be a disturbance in its environment.


Rocket Jumper


Market Gardener (for a Screamin' Eaglet, use the standard shovel)

(Yes i know this is a trolldier, but im trying to make it into an animal)