The Pyronaut is a curious creature that was discovered by Darkly l Aperture Ham in a crash landing near a familly nightclub called Acer's and The Rusty Shack. The Pyronaut seems to be a mechanical intelligence unit that was buit for Outer Space exploration. It has a cold metal-like substance 



that seems to conduct energy all throught it's body, touch with caution. It seems to get rid of thermal energy by an airlock through it's helmet. It is a possibility that this creature is related to the Soldroid, but it is not confirmed. Scientists are currently trying to find their creator so they can be used for the will of science. More information is currently being found by our Biologists.


The Pyronaut as mentioned, lives currently in an abandoned Subway Station where we think it uses sound waves from Subway Trains to contact it's home planet. Our officials are monitoring the Pyronauts each day and one day assume that the sound waves will reach the planet in distant outer-space, it's plans are unknown once it gets to that point. The subway resembles a very open, and worn-out subway station with very little merchandaise shops, and instructions to which intersection and area a place is in. We assume that the lack of these two main points was why the Subway Station was abandoned due to horrible structure design. 
Thm 170033



Although the Pyronauts are machines, they seem more advanced then present-time technology, in which they can simulate emotions and objectives as quickly as a normal human. Our results to the experimentations preformed by Dr.----------- proved that Pyronauts are indeed of equal intelligence or more then a normal human. The Pyronaut's source of defense includes it burning people alive with a chemical flamethrower which is labelled under Mann Co as the Phlogistinator, we believe it gets refills on the chemicals through a nuclear converter located in the engine of a Subway, a half-developped engine that was given up on due to the lack of funds for the Subway Station.


To be a Pyronaut, you must wear the following:

- The Bubble Pipe

- The Filamental

- The Phlogistinator

- The Sight For Sore Eyes ( Optional )

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