The PyroPan is a docile TF2nimal. Not known to have even existed before, the species have surfaced and can be found in parts of maps. Where exactly they reside, is yet to be understood.

Nothing is really known of this creature and will be further researched. Until then, the PyroPan is a mystery.

Oddly enough, there is information stating that they are an alien species, this information comes from a PyroPan itself. Whether or not this is true, is yet to be assessed.

There exists one leader of all PyroPans, the PyroPan King, Adiross.He is also a biologist working for the TF2BT and has mostly left the PyroPan King title in the past.

There is one exception to the above fact. According to the limited research gathered, if a few PyroPans come together to call their king, Adiross will Hear the call of the Pan and go to 'his people'. Nobody actually knows if this has happened due to the few sightings of the PyroPans themselves, let alone this ritual.

there have been some reports of diffrent kinds of pyro pans, some have had become more animal like due to them living on this planet quite a lot. but it is also said that there is a part of the Pyro pans that are quite quite smart.


PyroPans never attack without having a good reason to. The only TF2nimal who hunts PyroPans are Heavydiles. The rest of the TF2nimals have come to respect them.


Frying Pan