The PyroCobra is a land-based cousin of the infamous PyroShark. The species lives in arid areas such as Badlands, and are known for their lethal venom. These dangerous reptiles are also known to actively hunt humans that wander into their territory. No one knows why they seem to enjoy human flesh, but some believe that it is a genetic consistency with all of the members of the Pyroidae family.

Hunting TacticsEdit

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A PyroCobra in its dry, arid habitat

The Pyrocobra will viciously sneak up behind its prey, waiting until it is within striking distance. Then, the cobra spits out a deadly mixture of gas, venom, and fire, causing severe burns, blindness if hit in the eyes, and agonizing pain in any target. The venom literally eats flesh away, leaving terrible third-degree burns that can sometimes cripple the prey. While the victim suffers intense burning, the Pyrocobra uses sharp, needle-like teeth to bite down hard on the seared flesh, injecting more flaming hot venom into the poor soul's bloodstream. Then venom acts quickly, killing the prey in as little as ten minutes. After the murderous hunt is over, the Pyrocobra enjoys a barbequed meal, and will wait as long as a few months until its next victim comes by.

Required Items:Edit

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An example PyroCobra loadout. Loadouts should vary