This recently discovered species (discovery credited to Pootis-Man) is believed to be a close relative of the PyroShark that has evolved to live on land. This species, also known as the Pyromander, is very territorial and its behavior seems to mimic that of the PyroShark.

It prefers very hot and rocky areas, rather than damp areas, ruling out it merely being a variation of the Sewer Pyro (a subspecies of PyroShark). This creature has only been reported to be found on Badlands, suggesting that this area may have been covered in water habitable to the PyroShark at one time.

Unique Fire AttacksEdit

Similar to the PyroShark's electrical shock capabilities, the Pyro-Raptor attacks with very sharp claws, which burns its victims. It is so potent that, in most cases, this engulfs its victims in flames. As a result, people are urged to stay clear of these creatures at all times. In addition the Pyro-Raptor or Pyraptor marks its territory with flames spewing them everywhere creatures unfortunate to be caught by these flames soon die. the bite is so hard and painful that only other pyro raptors can be immune to the flame bite's burn

Further PyroShark SimilaritiesEdit

Like some Pyrosharks, the Pyromander also has flare capabilities. It will spit out flares at far off enemies just as PyroSharks do to enemies that venture onto land. Pyromanders are also just as territorial, and will never venuture into human territory unless absolutely necessary, as the PyroShark behaves towards land. Because of these overwhelming similarities, it is accepted almost as fact that the Pyro-Raptor evolved from the PyroShark.


This unique ability to literally burn away flesh as it slashes its victim is believed to be a combination of two elements: The PyroShark's electrical abilities evolving to suit the hot, dry environment and the already existing flare capabilities in some Pyrosharks.

Due to this species only living in badlands, a rather dry area, and its fire capabilties, it is conceivable that the PyroCobra (a species known to only live in arid places and use a mixture of fire and venom on its prey) evolved from it. Research is currently underway in order to support this theory.

There have ben unconfirmed sightings of Pyro-Raptors that evolved horns and a tail! Further investigation is being undergone to find this new rare evolution of this species, but strangely they've only ben spotted around full moons or Halloween!

Required Items:Edit

-Sharpened Volcano Fragment

-Any type of Flare Gun (The Flare Gun, The Scorch Shot, or The Detonator)

-The Blazing Bull (rare evolved Pyro-Raptor)

-Tail From the Crypt (rare evolved Pyro-Raptor)

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