The Pyblob is a fascinating creature that was discovered by courageous {TF2BT} Capio Del Mann in it's natural habitat, The Facing Worlds. The Pyblob is made of a magical-like substance named Nitrogeous Nixene which is popular for it's mushy texture and opaque-green color. It seems to have an internal infection which causes mucous to leak out of the animal, Pyblobs must be handled with special care and special circumstances.



The Pyblob as mentioned, lives in harsh circumstances in the Facing Worlds, with no gravity the Pyblobs tend to die by falling outside of the orbit due to the spiraling planets and the fluctuating gravitational fields. There are 2 temples facing each other, both made out of rough Earth-like sandstone. The temples seem to resemble a Mayan type of culture which fascinates astronauts sent by the order of the division itself. 

Although the habitat may be dangerous if not treaded carefully, Scientists have yet to explore the new frontiers of this structure.

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Facing Worlds


Although the Pyblobs may seem harmless and self-sophisticated, the Pyblobs are indeed dangerous and must be communicated with carefully. So far, the Pyblob can speak 3 different languages, English, French, and Urtim. Urtim is a language in which the Pyblob uses the English language, but speaks it backwards. Attempts to teach the Pyblob english has failed, so it's left alone for the time being. The Pyblob is made of Nitrogeous Nixene which is poisonous to a Human, Hazmat suits are advised when approaching the animal, as it still needs to adapt to the Earth's gravity forces.


To be a Pyblob, you must wear the following:

-The Mucous Membrain

-The Glob

-The Sight For Sore Eyes ( Optional )

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