Ghostly Gibus

A Gibus Spy dancing.

Gibus players are the typical new players in the TFUniverse to find their Gibuses by dominating another Gibus player. They are mainly seen like the picture to the right, since they are practically new to the world. Some of them don't survive that long, but then they respawn, learn what they did wrong, and get better and better. Soon the Gibus is gone and there is a good hat in that place of their old Gibus.

BUT, when they are still a Gibus user, they are like Gollum; they crawl around, have a melee weapon equipped, are quick to be angered ,and will always tryhard. If you encounter one, RUN! They are hostile to ALL Mercs not of their colour. They are smart too, as evidenced by the ☀2Fort Massacre.

Effects of the Gibus on player Edit