Friendlies are a type of mercenary that refuses to fight, and is extremely kind to those who stumble upon it. They can have any kind of appearance, even taking the form of gibuses. They will never fight, unless its fellow friendlies are put into serious dangers. They are known for ritual dances, giving sandviches to those who cross their paths, and crouching. They have been seen peacefully protesting, begging on the sides of a battlefield, or simply helping those in need. They are not highly endangered, but are not overpopulated. If you see one, simply make contact with it, give it a sandwich, or, if you want, hang out with it. Protect it at all costs. Though it is hard becoming a friendly (due to tryhards and gibuses killing them), it is somewhat rewarding.

There are many mythical sighting around the Badlands, but one significant event is the rise of the prophet AllFather HoodBeard The Goggled. He has many followers, including 12 Apostles. He has a Steam Group (1st Church Of Hoodbeardism), and there is much mystery surrounding his origin and story. He has journeyed all across the badlands, spreading his message, and has made many enemies throughout his teaching. He carries a staff that he anoints mercenaries with, and one of his Apostles is a baptist that baptises other players named Merrin. HoodBeard is said to be the AllFather of the friendlies, and is said to always help others in their time of need.

Requirements: Edit

Do not attack others


Use melee or sandvich (if heavy)

Give sandvich to other players (if heavy)