Electro Solly Edit

The Electro Solly, or Contagiosis Virtute Militis, is a very new and rare species, found on July 2, 2015.

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The Electro Solly's weapon

   Upon initial observation, the Electro Solly possesses altered genomic pathways which bear markers associated with high levels of electrically stimulated mutation. They can only be found in Powerhouse, wandering the outskirts of the area. What makes them different from regular Sollys is that they wield an electrified rocket launcher, with green energy permanently surging through the outer layer of the rocket launcher.

Current theories suggest that wandering Sollys would occasionally come into contact with high voltage electrical currents, giving them an approximate 10% chance of survival. If they do survive, then they turn into an Electric Solly. They function normally, but can now withstand huge volts of power.

Since they are a new species, we have more to learn about them. One amazing and yet terrible breakthrough is that when an Electro Solly dies, they drop their weapon so that when the next Militis comes by, they pick up the modified rocket launcher and become an Electro Solly as well. It is now believed that the rocket launcher is actually a parasite in disguise, which would explain the infection-like methods.