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One example of an Elder Medic

Elder Species: An explanation.Edit

Much to the firm beliefs of many biologists, there are a few rarer species of each given class that have managed to survive their predator for quite some time. Both Doctor Marxman and Doctor Sauce themselves are living examples of Elders, a species that has been competent enough to live for thousands of years without much harm or disturbance.

Examples of Elders:

As stated before, Elder species are rare, in fact to find an elder species is very unusual. However, the known species will be listed as they become known:

Gar pyros

General nature of Elder species:Edit

Any Elder species will pride themselves in their speech, which makes them vastly different to normal TF2nimals. They will normally have the ability to process any thought with equal or greater intellect to that of a normal TF2 player. Generally speaking, these species have lived long enough on the planet to advance their own technologies far beyond the grasp of current Human knowledge. It is, however, known that Elders can be psychologically scarred by viewing the deaths of loved ones from times passed.

These creatures can be slayed if the time arises, they will normally have weapons that will be iconic to them. These weapons can be used against them, and if used correctly, may even warrant their demise.

It is highly advised against killing Elder species, as the value of their knowledge vastly exceeds that of any currency. However it has been noted that Elder species have been captured and kept alive for their knowledge. To this day, it is not known as to how many Elders still live. We hope a great many still do.