The Butterfly Scoot's mysterious propulsion limb


A butterfly Scoot weilding its bat-like limb that somehow seems to give it a third jump

An unusual specimen, the Butterfly Scoot is a violent race that tends to attack anything that disturbs it. They're so violent, in fact, that they'll even attack their own kind! The Butterfly Scoot propels itself with it's own natural double-jumping abilities, as well as it's unique barrel-like limb that fires the Scout up into the air (which can also be used as a form of attacking) and its bat-like limb grants some yet another jump.

Research and Variety

An experiment created by Dr. Sauce, the Butterfly Scoot has the ability to jump up to four times, twice the number of jumps a normal Scout can perform. However, this is not always the case. Some are only capable of three jumps, while some are stuck to two. However, some lucky ones can resist the shock of falling to the ground, while even others can spew out a semen-like liquid to coat its prey. The liquid then digests the prey, and the Butterfly Scoot laps up the soup for nutrition. Some drink Bonk! soda left over from people and gain its effects, and are able to dodge almost anything. However, some speculate this Bonk! consumption is what causes their extremely violent behavior!

2013-04-22 00001 (2)

A couple of Scooterflies showing off



While most Butterfly Scoots are like the others above, an extremely rare subspecies only dubbed the 'Scooterfly' has appeared in recent times. Unlike it's rather normal looking brethren, these do grow wings, like how normal Butterfly Scoots do, as mentioned below, but only after going through a sort of caterpillar stage followed by a cocoon stage. The cocoon stage usually takes a couple of months to complete, the Scooterfly having gained his wings after that time, unlike normal Butterfly Scoots, who, if they do have them, have them from birth. They are actually relatively peaceful, only running up to smack someone lightly with a weapon reminiscent of their wings (the Fan-o-War) before running away again, having no interest in being aggressive and violent like their cousins. They can sort of fly - about as far as their violent brethren can triple jump - which helps them get away from predators. Despite staying away from water as much as possible as it makes them unable to fly at all, Pyrosharks know of them and consider them a delicacy.

They tend to have an attitude, like normal Scouts, but they actually don't mind company. However, they more often than not dislike their violent relatives.


While most Butterfly Scoots look, for the most part, like normal Scouts, there has been a recently emerging new subspecies of Butterfly Scoot that have a pair of yellow wings on their back. This is likely an evolution of these Scouts to help make themselves more aerodynamic, as it has been reported that some no longer take fall
Flight of the Monarch

The recent wing variant of the species


Required ItemsEdit

  • Force-A-Nature (is a must for Scooterflies)/ Soda Popper
  • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol / Bonk / Crit-a-Cola/ Mad Milk
  • Atomizer/ Sandman/ Fan-o-War (only if you're a Scooterfly)