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A newly hatched Brain Maggot that has yet to infect an unwitting Soldier.

To be honest, the Brain Maggot is not really a member of the Militis family. However, because it infects certain types of Soldiers, it has become associated with the family for its parasitic activities.


Unlike normal maggots, which metmorphisize into flies after a while, the Brain Maggot is forced to stay a maggot for the rest of its life due to its apparent mutations. In order to stay alive, a Brain Maggot must find any living Soldier and burrow into its brain through its ear canal, as if it's a monster from some dumb horror movie from the 50s.

Once the maggot enters the brain area, it begins to feast on the soft grey tissue, growing at an alarming rate until it eventually breaks through the Soldier's scalp and becoming visible to everyone around him.

Female Brain Maggots will some times lay their eggs IN the soldier's brain cavity, which hatch into new Brain Maggots. Young Brain Maggots will then proceed to crawl out of the cavity, and onto the soldier's chest to feed on the decaying layers of skin. They find dead skin highly nutritious, and it helps the young lings grow.

Symbiotic Relationship with SoldiersEdit

Despite being classified as a "parasite," the Brain Maggot does not intend to kill its host. To keep the host alive after eating whatever is left of the brain, the maggot sticks a long barb at the end of its tail into where the brain stem connected to the Soldier's spinal column, ultimately replacing the brain. Studies show that despite being a fat, smelly grub, the Brain Maggot somehow absorbs the host's intelligence and memories as it feasts on the brain. While the reasons for this process are unknown, this means that the Soldier is still able to function as normal, instead of being turned into a mindless husk. In fact, some cases have suggested that the Soldier becomes a tad bit smarter after being infected, meaning the "parasite" is actually doing good for its host, making it more of a mutualistic form of symbiosis.

Required Items Edit

-Larval Lid

-Grub Grenades (optional)