Bird of Freedom
250px-Freedom Feathers

The Bird of Freedom

The Bird of Freedom is a rare Species of Soldier bird. They are intelligent animals since they are capable of speech and are known for handling advance weaponry like rocket launchers and shotguns. WE ADVICE CAUTION WHEN APPROACHING THESE ANIMALS AS THEY ARE QUITE VIOLENT.Edit


Not much is known about these creatures but one thing I know is that they are vicious creatures as they show no mercy when it comes to battle. They are brash and arrogant creatures who believe that they can take on any TF2-nimal no matter what size or strength. The bird of freedom is also known for squwarking very loud every time they are electrified(Ubercharged)by a Medic.The bird of freedom is also known for attacking anyone if they get to close to them. I known this because one of them slashed my mouth when i tried to observe one up close.

Social Edit

Birds of freedom are not particularly sociable when it comes to fellow Birds of freedom, only really interacting with other Birds if they need to mate. Males will often construct a staff of sorts made of wood and gold (Freedom staff) to try and impress a female. Females will often carry their young on their shoulder.

Baby Birds of freedom when they are born are very similar to normal eagles, but for unexplained reasons they go through a metamorphosis at the age of 5, on which they metamorph to become more human-like.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

Further research shows that the first breeds of the birds of freedom was exposed to radiation causing their body to morph into a human-like state. The radiation also caused their wings to fall off thus making them incapable of flight. However they are capable of hopping large distances. Bird of Freedom's are capable of handling weaponry ranging from Rochet launchers to shovels to even laser guns. The bird of freedom is also capable of taking a lot of damage(with the exception of the head) before going down which makes hunting them very hard. 

It is also worth noting that birds of freedom have very adaptive DNA and are generally blank canvases, and as such, can mate with most other soldier tf2nimals to gain their traits and survive, such examples include: sergeant major airforce, bird of freedom hybrid, and plenty of specimens where found that were trolldier/bird of freedom hybrids.

Required Items Edit

-Freedom Feathers

-Compatriot (Optional)

-Freedom staff(Optional)