Not to be confused with the Pootis Bird, But is related. The Bird-Hugungi is a confused creature discovered by {TF2BT} Victor Shirlin in it's habitat, The Sunset Saloon. The Bird-Hugungi is made mostly out of a silky-smooth orange fur that shines with just a glint of sunlight, which makes it very visible during the day and night.

It's eyes are very small, so our Life Preserve Agents suggest glasses to maximize their ability to see, but they will not cooperate.



Although they seem un-intelligent they actually develop very advanced weapons, unfortunately Mann Co uses these birds to build weapons, using them as slaves.  

Status: Friendly: 9 out of 10                                                                                       Hostile: 1 out of 10


The Bird-Hugungi as mentioned, lives in poverty and slavery under Mann Co, but even Saxton is aware that animals have their limit, so he gives them 3 hours of break every 24 hours.

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Sunset Saloon

Bird-Hugungis wash themselves and have conversations to keep themselves sane and entertained. Some of them consider making a run for it, but all have failed due to Saxton's un-removable Fists of Steels which are so heavy, that they cannot fly away. Our organization is working to file a lawsuit against Saxton for his unfair treatment of these beautiful creatures. 


The Bird-Hungungis during work hours develop new technology for Mann Co, such as new cosmetics and weapons, they're very hard workers and don't give up in any situation. Of course, 3 hours isn't enough resting time for them, so some of them die of overwork. Dr.---------- ----- has proven with a census that 2,300 Bird-Hugungis die every year due to being overworked, a terrible fact. Their intelligence keeps most alive, but it can only get them so far in life. One day, they will evolve into stronger creatures, to break free of their enslavement.


To be a Bird-Hugungi, you must wear the following:

- The Chicken Kiev

- The Tyurtleneck

- The Fists Of Steel

Wiki Page by: Aperture Ham

Dodo Heavies

A very rare species of Bird heavys due to over hunting but is a popular tf2nimal.

Dodo heavys are found in places like wood lands or places with flat areas with water and forest. They usually travel in herds that migrate. They also hunt small creatures and spy crabs. And they are fierce fighters and can take down some predators that are bigger than them. But they are over hunted due to them being easy targets for mercs and for there feathers. Conservationist are helping this species survive with national parks in there habitat to reduce hunting and making it illegal to hunt them.

Enraged Bird-Hugungi

Enraged Bird-Hugungi's are normal Bird-Hugungies who become so enraged that their nervous system causes them to be overly patriotic. They look more like eagles who arre skinnier, and use grenades and shovels to hurt people. They are very, very aggresive and will almost always attack on sight.