Non-RP species

This TF2nimal is not a roleplay species.

The Ammoneer (also referred as the Nautilengy) is thought to be the ancestor of the pacifistic Engiturtle. It had resided in vast oceans, around the same time that the Spylobite and the Aquatic Pyro were around. They spent their days floating in the current, trapping various small fish and plankton in their tentacles.

Just as the Spylobite was hunted by the Aquatic Pyro, the Ammoneer was hunted by the Spylobite. It would have been outmatched in speed and strength. However, Nautilengies have a hard, thick shell to protect themselves from being eaten, thus, saving the species.

Many Ammoneer fossils have been found, some more well preserved than others. The first one, discovered by Jebidijed while he was on a cruise. After he reached his destination on the beach, he noticed a rotting, spiral-shaped shell half-buried in the sand. And thus, the Ammoneer was discovered.

The Ammoneer has recently been revived using technology in antiquity and using this technology we have found out how the species went extinct. As it grows older the shell on it's back grows as well, however in most if not all cases, the shell will soon grow bigger and bigger than the body of the Ammoneer, slowing the creature down, and making it harder for it to hunt prey and get to food sources in time before starvation. This continued until the entire species starved, with the shells of some crushing the Ammoneer beneath it